T&S Trip Hoppers


T&S 3000lb Trip hopper

T&S 3000lb Trip Hopper Ground driven gear drive Adjustable rate of feed flow


T&S Trip Hoppers

T&S Trip Hoppers Sizes range from the 300lb Jr. 750lb 1000lb 1250lb 1500lb are all bed models Pull behind model is a 3000lb wheel driven model


T&S Trip Hopper On a 6×6 trailer

1000 Lb or 1500 Lb Trip Hopper mounted on a 6×6 or 5×8 East Texas Trailer Hopper and mounts removable if you need the trailer for something else Battery included and is charged through the vehicles trailer plug with an RV plug Feeder can be sold without the trailer 3500 lb. axle LED lights Flip […]